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【Illustrator: Anyo】 Graduated from the Faculty of Engineering, chose to draw after working for a major precision instrument manufacturer Unusual expert.
Jun 9, 2022

 Eight years ago, I bought a pen tab in earnest and started drawing. He said that if he could draw 10 pictures a year while working, it would be a lot. Nevertheless, he became an expert in facsimiles of his favorite works and photographs, continued to teach himself, and drew landscape and background paintings that people around him would want to learn from if he found out.

Until December 2019, Anyo was engaged in lens design at a major precision equipment manufacturer. If you look only at his career, everyone will think that he will become an expert who will lead the precision equipment industry in the future. But getting off the line, Anyo switched to the first train of the new line.

As one of the techniques that Anyo draws, digital backgrounds made from photographs are known, and he is also taught in online classrooms. The same is true of the work "First Station" above. But I was surprised to see the original photo.

I wonder if the scenery of the city, which is covered with a cloudy sky that is far from clear skies, will change to such an extent. While looking at Anyo's work, the blue is beautiful anyway. It is the sky, the air, the sea, the thin clouds, and the world of clear transparency throughout makes the viewer ephemeral and lovable. He's an expert.

 That said, my freelance career had only just begun, and it wasn't going to be an easy road to get there, and right now. So far, I'm going to ask you a lot about the future.

Q1. What made you choose to become an illustrator while pursuing a career that could have been a career as an expert in precision instruments?

When I was job hunting, I didn't have the skills or image to earn money as an illustrator, so I went straight to a manufacturer for a development job. Even after I got a job, I continued to draw illustrations as a hobby, but little by little I was able to get an illustration job, and as I did it as a side job, my desire to make illustration my main job grew. I worked for a manufacturer for 4 years, and I felt that I could leave for 1 to 2 years and return as a development worker, and I chose to become an illustrator because I thought that if I wanted to take on a big challenge, I would be young.

Q2. It seems that you were self-taught at first and copied your favorite works and photographs, but what other kind of painting practice did you do?

I'm the type of person who likes to pack up theory and knowledge before practicing when learning something, so I used to read reference books, techniques, and making books. Books I still review include "How to Paint a Landscape" (by Jack Hamm), "Color & Light" (by James Gurney), and "How to Paint a Landscape with Skies and Clouds in an Anime" (by Bamboo).

Q3. When I look at Twitter, I see many comments from fans that the truly transparent worldview is beautiful. Please tell us if there is anything that you consider important in terms of your policy on drawing.

Temperature, humidity, smell, wind, etc. are important expressions of the atmosphere of the place. In addition, by choosing everyday scenery as a subject, I would like to convey that even casual everyday life can look different if you change your perspective. We aim to create a painting that can enter the scene even for a moment and move people's hearts even a little.

Q4. I was really surprised to see the original photo of the "first station". The art of changing from that cloudy sky with no signs of sunny to another world that was so clear. Are there any important points when choosing photos as a backdrop?

When using a photograph, the composition is bound to some extent by the photograph, so I am conscious of the composition to some extent at the time of taking the photo. As for the time of day and weather, you can manipulate it later by painting, so the point is to shoot when it is bright so that the subject can be seen as clearly as possible.

Q5. Finally, what does "drawing" mean to you?

It may be an exaggeration, but I hope it will lead to "salvation" for myself and others. Like myself, I think there are many people who are saved by coming into contact with entertainment works in times of hardship in this day and age. So I want to be involved in various works from now on and help move the hearts of as many people as possible.

Thank you, Anyo, for answering your questions.

Landscape/Background Free Illustrator
Active in music videos, advertisements, game backgrounds, illustration courses, etc.

HP: https://anyotete.wixsite.com/anyo
Twitter: https://twitter.com/anyotete