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[Illustrator Mic Maeda] Characters wrapped in a skillful depiction of light and air The scene seen from that line of sight is really beautiful
Oct 22, 2021

One of the things that Mic Maeda values in drawing is the expression of light and air. Looking at Maeda Mick's work, that really comes through. Maeda Mic's fans may get angry, but I didn't feel like seeing the air in the illustrations, so it's more fun to watch. No, it's rather fascinating.

The gentle depiction of the light and air blending around the characters makes them stand out more. Looking at the line of sight from such characters and the scenery and scenery spreading from behind makes us feel a kind of futuristic atmosphere. Mic Maeda has been active in publications as one of the illustrators who draws beautiful scenes for a long time. It's fun to see the work after knowing this kind of commitment, because there is information that can be obtained from various eyes and subjectivity.

Mic Maeda is the mother of one child and is struggling to raise her child, so she has no choice but to take off her hat. She wants to ask a lot of questions.

Q1. When did you start painting? When did you start painting?

A. I've loved painting since I was a child, but it's been five years since I started painting because I wanted to be technically good at it. In a year or two, I received a production request from a close friend and learned the joy of drawing "for someone", not for myself. From that time on, I gradually began to want to work on painting in earnest.

Q2. I was ashamed to see your work, and for the first time I got the feeling of seeing light and air. Is there any reason for trying to cherish these expressions?

A. After deciding the landscape I want to draw consistently both now and in the past, I imagine what it would be like to stand there. Is it warm, dazzling, dusty, how the air is flowing, etc. I was very happy to hear that I was attracted to the light and air of the paintings that I interpreted and expressed in my own way. That may be the trigger.

Q3. Mr. Maeda has a good reputation for landscapes, such as being published in publications such as "Beautiful Scene Illustration-Creator's File for Drawing Attractive Landscapes-", but how do you always imagine the characters and composition? Do you make it?

A. I still like to draw landscapes, so I try to arrange the characters so that they look attractive. We roughly decide where to set the light source in the landscape to cast shadows, and place the character in a position that fits in with the landscape while observing the area balance between the light and dark areas of the screen.

Q4. I think that you are busy with child-rearing and housework as a mother of one child. It's hard to set aside time to draw a picture, isn't it?

A. I feel frustrated when I don't have a lot of time or when I have to stop when the brush just comes in. However, due to my personality, it is difficult for me to write when I have time. Now that I'm a little overwhelmed by time, I'm able to make the most fulfilling production.

Q6. Finally, what does "drawing a picture" mean to Mic Maeda? Twice

A. It's about shaping your feelings and feelings that you can't express in words.

Mic Maeda, thank you for answering your question.

Maeda Mic
Draw emotional works by combining everyday scenery and girls.
She specializes in expressing clear air and soft light.
She is active in a wide range of books, music videos, advertisements, etc.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/m_mic_0707?s=20