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[Illustrator / sakiyama] Enjoy the decadent and a little unpleasant feeling. But it's cool and cute.
Oct 22, 2021

Music video production. Sakiyama is active in a wide range of activities such as Village Vanguard, Dwango JP Store, and collaboration item development with the apparel brand "CuLLt". It's a little dark, but it's filled with a little peculiar compliments such as "I like facial expressions too much", "It feels crazy", and "Guess and handsome!"

Since around 2017, I started uploading works to SNS, so I went back a little and took a look at various things. I would like to express my feelings, but I felt that I like alcohol.

However, when you are soaked, you are soaked, when you wake up from there, when you suddenly stop thinking about anything, the feeling of collapse that is created at that moment. I felt that sakiyama's work would be born from there. Furthermore, does each of the characters appearing portray sakiyama himself?

There are illustrations and tweets posted on June 11, 2018.

Images and Tweets posted on June 11, 2018
"No matter how difficult the reality is, drawing is fun.
I think I'll laugh. Let's laugh. "


I thought it was simply cool. This tweet is a gratitude to those who have seen the work entitled "Spitting and Spitting to Welcome the Morning" below. In this way, there are many things that are posted on twitter with a word attached to the illustrations for those who appeared in the event and saw it. I also felt that many people were attracted to the works created from such a stylish way of life of sakiyama.

And in 2019, the momentum has been tremendous since the activities as a freelance illustrator started, such as the music video mentioned above and the announcement of collaboration items in various places.

What on earth is sakiyama thinking about when drawing a picture, and how will he be active in the future? I will ask various questions.

Q1. When did you start painting? When did you start painting?

A. I have liked painting since I was little. However, I realized that I wasn't talented, so I was frustrated and didn't draw much from high school. I had no intention of making painting a job, and my job was a normal office work.

Q2. What made you decide to draw such a style? When I look at the work, I often see gerberas and sunflowers in addition to people.

A. It was also the reason why I decided to draw a picture again as a member of society, but I was completely blown away by leaving it to my emotions and drawing as much as I wanted. I just like flowers, so I want to draw them, and there is no deep reason ...

Q3. I have imagined that the characters in some of the works may describe Mr. sakiyama's own feelings. How do you always draw a person?

A. Rather than a person, the picture itself can only be drawn while listening to music, and I often draw with the glue of the song that fits well at that time. I'm twisted, so I don't portray my feelings as they are.

Q4. Finally, what does "drawing a picture" mean to sakiyama?

A. It's a heavy word, but I think it's a poison and a medicine. I'm sure I can't live without drinking it. (I also love alcohol!)

Sakiyama, thank you for answering your question.

Lives in Tokyo. While working as an office worker, she has been publishing illustrations as her hobby, mainly on SNS since around 2017. She has been active as a freelance illustrator since 2019, focusing on music videos.
[Main software used] Photoshop CC / After Effects CC

twitter: https://twitter.com/sakiyama8ma?s=20