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"Feta" coaster

Illustrator Nekosuke's original coaster.

Dolomite water absorption coaster. The surface of dolomite is porous
It has excellent water absorption due to the innumerable small holes.
Since the back side is pasted with cork, it is also gentle on furniture.

Size: W100 x H100 x D8mm
Body color: White
Package: Air packing, paper box
* Since it is a naturally derived material, the printed surface may be slightly uneven.


There may be marks left on the high-pressure press that adheres the print. Please be assured that it will be resolved if you wash it before wearing it.
There may be a slight difference in color between the image you are viewing on the monitor and the actual product. Please note that.

Please note that the size cannot be changed after the product has been shipped.


Arrival Date
between 11 - 17 days aprox.

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Nekosuke is an illustrator who is active in interior design and CD jacket illustration.In 2018, he released his first commercial collection of works, "Soiree Nekosuke Works Soiree".His works, which depict...